Inspired by the Sea…


      The ocean is a place that inspires a sense of peace, freedom and beauty. Every home essential and accent piece in this thoughtfully curated collection carries that inspiration in premium materials and timeless elegance. Bring the coast into your everyday life, choosing from décor and other items inspired by the sea.

      Coastal Home Décor for a Finishing Touch

      Escape to the shore from wherever you are with high-quality decorative pieces that incorporate elements of the ocean. Seashells and vintage sea glass beads bring you right to the water. Other pieces offer a subtle nod to the coast with rope detailing, woven designs and varied shades of blue that reflect the changing tones of the sea. We're delighted to showcase these curated accents and exclusive offerings that polish off any coastal look in your home.

      Place liquid hand soap by your sink for fragrance inspired by the ocean, decorate a shelf or dish with vintage sea glass beads, select nautical rope pieces for your home design and plenty more. It's all waiting for you to dive into.