Outdoor Rugs & Doormats

Bring a fresh foundation to your doorway or outdoor patio with our soft and serene rugs that stand up to the elements, kids and even pets. Our outdoor area rugs and doormats are artfully crafted to complete your space with long-lasting elegance. Enjoy styles with timeless nautical stripes, woven natural fibers and beyond.

Our Coastal Outdoor Rug and Doormat Collection

Whether you live by the sea or simply dream of it, our high-quality outdoor rugs make it so you don't need to sacrifice your coastal aesthetic for durability. Our indoor-outdoor rugs showcase stunning patterns and calming coastal colors to effortlessly complement your home.

Discover our exclusive marine rope doormat designs or eco-friendly yarn rugs with nautical stripes. Like the different tones of the sea, we love incorporating several shades of blue into our products. Select the hue that elevates your interior design with choices such as ivory, gray and beyond. Bring a finishing touch to your patio with quintessential coastal accents like woven rugs that add warm natural fibers to your outdoor spaces. Our carefully curated doormats and large coastal rugs are meant to inspire and look beautiful with other exterior pieces and your current items at home.