Meet the Artist: Victoria Larson

The collection we're revealing today is a complete "pinch me" moment!  

Our latest collab with wallpaper and textile artist, Victoria Larson, brings iconic coastal imagery to life in watercolor creations that add a painterly touch to your interiors.  I have long admired Victoria's work and this partnership has been as dream of mine since the earliest days of Cailíní Coastal! 

Living in the seaside town of Annapolis, Maryland means water flows through every part of Victoria Larson’s life—providing a sense of calm comfort. Her wallpaper creations come second nature, taking their cue from both the coast and the water itself, which informs many of her patterns.

Read on to preview this exclusive collection, learn more about Victoria's creative process, and how the collaboration with Cailíní Coastal came to be.



Credit: Lee Kriel Photography




CC: What do you love about living by the coast? 

VL: Everything! I can’t imagine not being near the water. Life here revolves around the water – sailing, boating, swimming – it’s how we spend most of our time. Water provides a sense of calm and comfort for me, plus I love the casual lifestyle.


 CC: How did you get your start as a textile designer? 

VL: It was an organic progression. I got back into watercolors when my children were young. Another local artist introduced me to block printing and I started making print sand pillows. Yet another friend was doing digital printing, and when I found out I could put my art on a larger canvas, that was it!


Credit: Lee Kriel Photography


CC: Tell us about your professional journey and the evolution of your own brand. 

VL: I’ve evolved so much both personally as a brand over the last 13 years. I’m a lifelong artist but I didn’t study art and am mostly self-taught. I started with hand screen-printed fabrics and at the same time, designing patterns for a children’s swimwear line. Since then, I’ve really found my style and honed my techniques.


Credit: Lee Kriel Photography


 CC: What inspired your product line with Cailíní Coastal?  Tell us about your process. 

VL: The Cailini Coastal Story! The brand has such a strong point of view that I really register with. I started where I usually start, going through my archives and gathering watercolor sketches that felt coastal. I always create a mood board for a new project with a color palette and images that inspire me. From there, I just start painting elements that eventually come together as repeat patterns. I love that this collection was collaborative with lots of input from Cailini Coastal.


 CC: Let’s talk about the beautiful paper you chose.  Can you speak to the quality and why you (and we!) love it for these designs? 

VL: Paper is almost as important to me as the design. Since I use watercolor, it translates best onto a matte paper that mimics the actual watercolor paper. I think the designs and this paper work together to tell the story, plus it’s a lovely weight that has a luxury feel.

Credit: Lee Kriel Photography 


 CC: Not to pick favorite, but if you could only pick one design from your collection for Cailíní Coastal to put in your own home which would it be and why? 

VL: Oh that’s not fair! I love the simplicity of Sanibel Stripe. It’s classic but not too serious. I don’t think you ever tire of a classic and this stripe is so easy to mix with everything from traditional to coastal. Full transparency, the stripe was Meg’s idea and I initially thought it might be boring but I’m happy to admit I was wrong.

Credit: Lee Kriel Photography 


 CC: We are so excited about this collection!  What is one thing our customers should know about it? 

VL: I’m excited too! The collection came together so easily because we share the same love of the coastal lifestyle. To me that means the feeling of lazy summers; bare feet;  a casual, relaxed but still beautiful way of living. I hope that translates through the designs.


Credit: Lee Kriel Photography


 CC: When you’re not working, what can we find you doing? 

VL: If it’s summer, I’m on our boat! Otherwise, I’m probably painting or fussing around in my garden.


CC: How do you create your watercolor wallpapers? Do you first paint on canvas or actually on the paper the motif will be printed on? 

VL: First I “sketch” with watercolor or India ink to work out motifs. Once I have a greater design in mind, I paint the elements on heavy watercolor paper. That gets scanned into my computer and I begin to clean it up and put it together in photoshop, creating a seamless repeat. Then come color and scale adjustments. I love digital printing because it translates the nuances of the original art so directly to wallpaper.

Credit: Lee Kriel Photography


CC: Where do you get your inspiration (in general) for your designs?

VL: Mainly from the water or travel to places on the water. I grew up sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and I married a professional sailor who travels the world. I am constantly chasing the way water looks when the sun hits it or the wind moves it. Honestly, I see pattern everywhere from a piece of wood with interesting grain to my garden and the woods around me.


CC: What does wallpaper add to a home? 

VL: Everything! To me, it adds another dimension to a space to help drive how you want to feel. It adds more depth, visual texture and interest. It’s like your favorite dress that everything else is layered on.

Credit: Lee Kriel Photography 


CC: Where are your favorite places to put wallpaper?

VL: Ceilings are my absolute favorite. It’s a way to add interest without committing to every wall, and it’s more unexpected. Especially in Bedrooms where your view is mostly the ceiling. There’s just about no room I wouldn’t use wallpaper in. Powder rooms are fun because they are contained and you don’t spend all of your time there. They can be a great little jewel box and let you surprise your guests with a bolder pattern. Laundry Rooms are the perfect place for some fun on the walls while you have to do chores. I think Dining Rooms call for wallpaper to make even everyday meals more special.


Shop the Victoria Larson for Cailíní Coastal Collection here.  For more about about Victoria Larson, visit and @VictoriaLarsonTextiles.

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    I love the Nantucket blue wallpaper. I’m renovating my sunroom and I know this wallpaper will look awesome in there. My question is do you have matching or similar fabric?

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